We have carried out a range of successful projects and are committed to helping improve the sustainability of plant exploitation in all parts of the world by utilising the most appropriate techniques to fit the conditions under which the plants are to be grown. This encompasses aspects of the environment, finance, workforce, local practice and the implementation of management systems that are sustainable in both environmental and economic terms.

Our ‘team’ are fully aware of the potential that new technology is bringing, and have practical experience in many of these areas, but are also sensitive to the concerns surrounding the application of these technologies. We are committed to environmental and social awareness and are sensitive to all issues connected with these. We work in situations of strict confidentiality but are also experienced in networking, encouraging interpersonal skills and developing integrated teams. 

We have the experts at hand to allow translation between many of the main languages and production of technical literature, guides and papers, with the backing of technical knowledge and expertise in the subject area.


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